I simply love to help people with their garden. Here a little summary of why.

Gardens can offer a range of fantastic benefits to us and to the environment. This added value is always in the forefront of all my designs and my advice. 

Gardens can improve your mental health. Being in them, working in them, looking out into them. This is why it is so important to me that people get access to a beautiful and functional outdoor space. 

Growing your own herbs, fruit and vegetables in your garden is good for you, your pocket and also the environment. However many of us don't know where to start. I love to get people going, within their means and keeping their often limited time in mind. For example a food forest can provide plenty of food once established with minimal effort.

Wildlife needs a place to live, breed and eat. Providing all this for them in your garden brings joy, helps our natural world and often even helps our plants grow as well. Nature is a beautiful thing.

And then there is the issue of climate change. Increased likelihood of both flooding and drought will be a thing in the future. A diverse garden that is well though through can help mitigate the effect of these events on you and your family, and give animals needed shelter. Remember, trees are natural allies in fighting carbon in our atmosphere. A win win. 

"Your garden is full of potential. Good design, plant selection and maintenance of soil health can transform your garden and bring in life."

Katrina Flad

Fresh Ideas

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Have a gorgeous low maintance kitchen garden designed specifically for you.



garden design

Grow your own wedding flowers according to a bespoke planting plan. They will be back every year on your anniversary.


planting plans

Make better compost from your own household and garden waste with on-site advice and hands-on tips and tricks.




Regenerative gardening


What I mean with regenerative gardening is that good soil is essential to have healthy plants. And healthy plants means more enjoyment in the garden and if you harvest from your garden, healthier food. It is even great for your mental health. And any form of life, from milipede to cat, is more healthy when no chemical or artificial fertilisers are used.


Soil is much more than its inert particles. Good soil that sustains plant life harbours an enormous range of living creatures. And these creatures ensure that your plants get the right nutrients. In every aspect of the work that I do, be it design or hands-on advice, it always comes back to soil life.


The benefits from using the soil life in your garden reaches far beyond your own garden. And the good thing is, everyone can make a positive change towards a healthier soil without a lot of effort, you just need to know how.


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