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Together we bring life into gardens!

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It's time to change the way we garden. frock n wellies is an enterprise with social and environmental commitment, that offers garden design | garden editing | landscaping | and maintenance, with a difference.


You Choose

Transparent quotes and estimates help my clients to stay in control of their budget. Even better, you can choose to get involved, learn and save money!


The options are to:

do things side by side with me in your own garden | leave it to the pro | or do it together, virtually.


Feel free to pick and choose what service you need, right across the board. Up front or as we go along. 



When using sustainable methods where appropriate, we help the planet - one garden at a time. Gardens are dynamic ecosystems that change all the time. Sustainable gardens are responsive to these changes. Working with nature rather than against it means less effort and more time to enjoy.


Side by Side

For all my services, you can choose to plan and garden together with me. The more you choose to do side by side, the more confident you will be at the end of the process to take care of your garden yourself.



Just like you, I believe in true equality. Not all households or community groups have the means to create beneficial gardens. So I work on a buy 3 donate 1 basis. For every 3 hours of paid work, I volunteer 1.

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