Garden design

Every aspect of a well designed garden promotes soil life, strong plants and healthy living. I offer a comprehensive garden design that integrates regenerative gardening techniques, trusted design principles and my personal vision.


Besides standard design packages I also offer tailored packages to suit your specific needs. more

Planting plans

Happy with the outlay of your garden yet want more from your plants? A bespoke planting plan that applies regenerative gardening principles can transform your garden without the need for a full garden design. 


Why not have herbs for cooking, unsual vegetables that come back every year or a wildlfe haven. Get in touch for many more ideas. more


Sometimes all you need is some advice or to learn a new skill to get more from your garden. I come out to your garden if you like to give practical instructions.


I also offer bespoke advice packages where such as a maintenance plan for your garden and on-site instructions where I can teach you the essential techniques face to face. more 

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"Your garden is full of potential. Good design, plant selection and maintenance of soil health can transform your garden and bring in life."

Katrina Flad

Fresh Ideas

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Have a gorgeous low maintance kitchen garden designed specifically for you.



garden design

Grow your own wedding flowers according to a bespoke planting plan. They will be back every year on your anniversary.


planting plans

Make better compost from your own household and garden waste with on-site advice and hands-on tips and tricks.




Regenerative gardening


What I mean with regenerative gardening is that good soil is essential to have healthy plants. And healthy plants means more enjoyment in the garden and if you harvest from your garden, healthier food. It is even great for your mental health. And any form of life, from milipede to cat, is more healthy when no chemical or artificial fertilisers are used.


Soil is much more than its inert particles. Good soil that sustains plant life harbours an enormous range of living creatures. And these creatures ensure that your plants get the right nutrients. In every aspect of the work that I do, be it design or hands-on advice, it always comes back to soil life.


The benefits from using the soil life in your garden reaches far beyond your own garden. And the good thing is, everyone can make a positive change towards a healthier soil without a lot of effort, you just need to know how.


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