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Garden design. Landscaping. Maintenance. Consultancy. Plants.

You can have a beautiful and beneficial garden. You can be part of the entire process if you like, from design, to digging, all the way to the final planting. Or you can choose to sit back, relax and hand it over the the professionals. Tailored packages allow clients to choose their own level of involvement. 

Including elements of sustainability, within the client's brief and budget, is something that is always on my mind in all areas of my work. This does not mean you have to compromise on your dream look however. 

You can get all the help and advice you need to make more out of your garden wherever you are in Scotland. . My work can be done remotely all over Scotland. Based in Drumblade, I can visit clients create their dream garden in Aberdeen, the North of the Shire and Moray. 

To get an idea of your garden's potential and how I can help you, it's best for me to see your site in real life or virtually. Arrange a free site visit now. 

You can also call or message me on 07825 88 7770, or email to info@frocknwellies.co.uk with any questions.

Find me on social media @frocknwellies. I'm looking forward to hear from you.


Sustainable gardening?

Everyone wants a thriving garden. If you also would like to be left with time to enjoy relaxing in it, then it is key to make sure all growing conditions are perfect for your plants. And there is one key feature often overlooked. Soil life. A healthy, living soil will benefit your plants, wildlife and you. That's why it is my mission to bring life into your garden.

This does not limit the type of gardens I work in and design. It is important for me that I create something you love. So you spend time there. And spending time outside is great for you health. An other bonus of sustainable gardening. 

Juniper Plant
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Professional Services

Concept ideas for a sloping woodland gar

Garden Design

From quick sketches to full three dimensional hand rendered drawings that specify materials and plants. I tailor design packages to my clients needs. Keeping things affordable. 

In a first free site visit I can explain the process in detail and talk you through options. 

Find out more on my design packages here.


Creating a garden that works for you. I recycle and re-use where possible. Which is good for the environment as well as for your wallet. I can working with your hard landscaper, or advise you how to do it yourself.


I can do the soft landscaping for you if you like. 

Browse our inspiration page to see a few of the different ways I help clients. 

Gardening Tools


Frock n wellies can take the hard work out of garden maintenance. I provide regular maintenance, specialist maintenance as well as regular on site or virtual advice for those who just need some guidance.

Give me a shout and we can arrange for a site visit, talking through what is needed in your garden.


Plants can be an affordable way to make your garden work harder for you. I can help with planting plans, plant selection as well as planting. 

Sometimes clients have enough plants in their garden from which we can propagate, creating entirely new borders for free

Creating pr material for my upcoming wor

phone or message Katrina on 07825 88 7770

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