Saturday 30th of June 2018 - Design Skills

Saturday  28th of July 2018 - Soil & Plants

Saturday 18th of August 2018 - Wildlife

Join us at the Walled Garden for three workshops that will run over the course of the summer, teaching you how to design the planting for borders in your own garden.

Edible herbaceous borders, orchards, herb gardens or wildlife areas... whatever you are wanting to design, whatever your style, the workshops will provide you with hands on tools, tips and best practice. By the end you will have insight into what has to be considered in a good design and how to start the planting design process to create a gorgeous yet useful border yourself.


Each workshop is a full day of interactive teaching as well as practical exercises in the garden to bring the theory to life. Each workshop is priced at £85, and this includes a light lunch, refreshments and a treat, the opportunity to take a tour of the Walled Garden by the head gardener Ed Bollom, as well as hand outs of the topics we discussed to take home. When you book all three workshops, you can book the entire course for £210.

Design Skills:

• hands on practice at surveying of a border
• drawing to scale on paper
• considering plant shape and seasonality
• seeing planting plans come to life through plenty of examples, including borders in the Walled Garden itself
• considering the function and productivity of plants
• bringing both form and function together in a planting design
• take home tools so you can start surveying and designing your own borders.

Soil & Plants:

• relevant basics of soil science and biology
• the relationship between plants and soil life
• soil sampling in the walled garden
• practical tools and tips on how to use this knowledge in our designs
• composting
• key plants to improve soil
• key plants that thrive in challenging soil conditions

• take home tools to start a plant journal and learn about plants in an interactive way at your own pace.


• relevant basics of garden ecology
• key design features for wildlife
• a look at the meadow area of the walled garden
• incorporating wildlife features regardless of the choice of garden style
• specific species and their needs
• dealing with potential pests at the design stage
• take home tools including a key for identifying wild flowers in your garden.

Book the three sessions as an entire course, and save £45! Or book a single workshop of your choice here.

Additional Course Packages

If you are planning to design your own garden, you can add two feedback sessions for £35 only. After the course, I will talk through your designs, suggest improvements and answer questions. Online, or, if you live locally, in your garden. An affordable and satisfying way to design your dream garden. Please email me for this option.

If you feel inspired by the course but rather want your borders designed by me, you get a 15% discount on beautifully hand drawn, bespoke planting plans. You can use this offer up to 6 months after the course.


Or book the topic of your choice as a single workshop: