Garden design


Every design starts with a free no obligation site visit. During this visit I will discuss your request, wishes and taste. Then I will draw up a project scope. And only once we have agreed on this scope the work will commence. 


Usually the design process goes through set stages, starting with a site appraisal. Costs of the different stages are detailed here.


Site appraisal

During a site appraisal I will survey the garden, take pictures, take soil samples and record the location of exisiting plants and constructions. Things such as indictor plants will tell me about soil conditions. Based on the site appraisal I will draw a two dimesnional plan of the garden.


The site appraisal is an essential step for everything that follows. Therefore it is always included in any design package we agree on. 

Concept plan

Based on an in depth talk with you and on the sit appraisal, I will sketch concept plans. These are ideas about how the space will be used and divided, what key plants will be planted, choice of materials as well as an estimate of the costs and a time-frame.


The concept plan will allow us the make changes before the more detailed design satges. It gives you the chance to have as much input as you like. Through our chats and the subsequent discussion of the concept ideas, we will make sure that my vision is in line with yours. The sketches will help visualise what the garden will look like in the end and how you will be using it.  

Outline plan

A detailed drawing that details all the old and new hard landscaping, existing plants, as well as the location of new flowerbeds and borders. If you want to do the landscaping and planting yourself, this is all you need to get going.


The outline plan is a scaled two dimensional drawing, whch can be either done by hand or digitally, depending on your preference. 

Planting plan

While the ouline of the garden sets the general tone, plants finish the garden. The right selection and placing of plants means all your round interest and stronger healther plants that need less maintenance. A planting plan that comes with your outline plan completes the design of the garden. Again this can be drawn by hand or digitally. The planting plans also comes with general care and maintenance instructions.


Applying regenerative gardening techniques means that some plants essential to the design are not straight forward to come by. For a 2% fee, I am happy to source, select and order plants for you from trusted suppliers.


To make sure that the design vision comes to life excalty as intended, a tender that specifies materials, their sources, contruction details and so forth can be of great value.


It also means you can do the landscaping and construction yourself if you are so inclined with detailed drawings and amounts of materials required.

Management of garden construction

If you choose to, I can oversee the hard and soft landscaping, working closely together with trusted landscapers and suppliers. This will mean that everything is carried out according to plan and nothing is lost in translation.


This work will be carried out on an hourly rate, agreed on before work commences. Therfore the total costs depend on the complexity of the design.

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