This project was my first after moving up to Aberdeenshire. A lovely family with three children decided that a more hands-on approach would be best for them. On a weekly basis, I worked alongside them, with my youngest strapped to my back, and explained them different techniques as we were working in the garden.

Plants from their own garden were used to propagate enough for a new, large border. A hedge was planted. A small foraging tree border to give all year around interest as well as fruit was designed and planted. A tree telescope - an idea they had wanted to put into place - was another key feature of this fun family garden.

As work progressed, the family decided to boldly excavate a large area in their garden and hold the soil back with a stunning dry stone dyke. I can't wait to see the result. It has given so much more light and created a private, sheltered area for the family to hang out. While using local, natural materials that provide shelter for an entire range of animals. 


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