About me


In 2014 I started as a gardener/ landscaper for the lovely ladies of Growing Gardens in East Lothian. My passion for plants and design goes back a lot further however. Now I am making designs, planting plans and give advice on sustainable gardening.


As a young girl I once found a small cherry tree seedling under a shrub in our front garden. After having transplanted it to a sunny position, I nurtured it. Twice a day I brushed off lice with a toothbrush and watered it. When my parents moved to the Netherlands they took the tree. Now, years later, they enjoy the white blossoms every year.


It must have been when I was 11 years old that I bought a book about garden design from my saved allowance. My parents would find me in my room drawing and sketching down all the ednless ideas that I had in my head.


Having been trained in agriculture (BSc) and studied applied animal science (MSc) I like to learn more every day about topics such as ecology, botany and soil science. Applying this knowledge is key to my designs.

The Cherry Tree


Talking about the benefits of permaculture

Flower display I helped with for plants, leaves and shoots nursery