Planting plans


If you are happy with the stucture of your garden but there are certain parts where you do not know what to plant, a planting plan is all you need. I will come and assess the soil and measure the bed for you, and draw a detailed planting plan including planting and care instructions of the plants selected. I can also do this over email, senidng you instructions on how to do the measurements and assess the soil.


Not sure what you would like when it comes to plants? I have a lot of ideas as well as visuals to help you decide on fuction and from of your beds and borders. Just get in touch for a free no obligation site visit of free phone consultancy.


The costs of a planting plan is 15 per 10 square meter, making this an affordable way to transform your garden without major contruction work. You will be amazed what an impact carefully designed planting can make!