This is such a fun project, organised by the arts organisation Deveron Projects in Huntly. The LGBTQ+ community of a local school has come together to design a space where they can be themselves. The installation will be done by volunteers this spring. I can't wait to see the finished results.


Working together with Deveron Projects, I facilitated the generation of ideas for the space, selecting what is feasible and finetuning how it all comes together on site. It will be an open ended and therefore forever evolving space. Plants such as Aquilegia will do it's own thing with new colour combinations popping up every year. While students will be able to express themselves on a graffiti wall and add personalised painted rocks to the space. 


Two group sessions (3 hrs max) of £ 100 each, which includes a concept sketch as a summary of the session.

Lay-out plan, planting plan and on site consultancy for free, as part of my pay it forward scheme. For every 3 hours I get paid, I work 1 hour for free on a community project.

Rainbow garden - almost finished with th
Pulling together all these different ide
Rainbow flag

phone or message Katrina on 07825 88 7770

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