Grow flowers for your wedding in your own garden

April 28, 2016


Four years ago it was the day I said yes to my lovely husband. What an amazing memory. And what is also lovely is that even tough they are late this year - I moved a lot of the actual flowers that were in my bouquet to our new garden in Aberdeenshire. And they are almost flowering again now.


When they will be, they will bring me right back to the day before, where we picked and aranged the flowers. To the morning preperations, intimate moments with my family, the church and the beach where we got engaged and had our photoshoot. Growing your own wedding flowers can be easy, especially if you have a bespoke border designed just for your big day, together with care instructions that are tailored to the Scottish climate.


It does come with a certain flexibility. What you can actually cut from the border when the time comes depends on the weather that year. Therefore there needs to be a succession of flowering plants in there that ensure there will be plenty for you to pick from.



Designing such a border is based on a few key principles. Just as foliage will be the backbone of your bouquet, it has to be the foundation of your border as well. Shrubs with appropriate colours and textures as well as tall herbaceous perennials  with lots of green are essential. Then you can think about what flowers you like. To make most from the space you have, a mix of bulbs and  herbaceous perennials with enough stem length should be selected. To ensure that these are good for arranging later on, special care instructions will be included in the package when you order a planting plan with me.


If you are planning your big day and would like the idea of growing your own but you are not sure if you still have time, have the space or the experience, just get in touch for more info and ideas. You will be amazed how much you can actually do!











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